Human Trafficking Academy 2014
July 28 - August 1, 2014
8:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.

Welcome to our Human Trafficking Academy offered by the St. Thomas University School of Law LL.M./J.S.D. Program in Intercultural Human Rights. The Academy offers training, education and technical assistance; it engages in outreach; and it conducts research in the field of human trafficking. It looks at the crime as a gross violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and as an affront to the dignity of the human being.

This summer, we are offering fifteen courses of specialized training open to law enforcement, legal professionals, healthcare providers, teachers, students, researchers, religious institutions and the community at large on the law and policy of human trafficking, their application, as well as on cross-cutting issues related to the combating of the crime of trafficking in persons.

Taught by top-level experts, academics and practitioners, who have long-time experience working in the field of human trafficking, and using a multidisciplinary approach, the Academy aims at providing effective tools to increase awareness of human trafficking, to identify and protect victims and survivors, to successfully prosecute the traffickers, and to develop strategies to prevent and effectively combat this crime. The Academy consists of one intensive week of training and education, targeting a diverse group of professionals involved or intending to become involved in anti-trafficking work.

Academy participants will gain insight into various forms of human trafficking, best practices in addressing the problem, modalities of working with survivors, and ways of partnering with the community to develop a cohesive anti-trafficking strategy. Upon completion of the training, Academy participants will be empowered with knowledge and skills required for the prevention, protection, prosecution and partnering in facing human trafficking. They will have also mastered the tools required for rescuing, redressing, rehabilitating, and reintegrating the survivors back to normal life.

Prof. Roza Pati
Human Trafficking Academy
St. Thomas University School of Law
16401 NW 37TH Ave.
Miami Gardens, FL 33054