The State of Labor Trafficking Domestically and Abroad:
A Critical Assessment on the 20th Anniversary of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act

The Summer Academy Intensive Training is designed for participants to complete one full module per day from July 27-31.  However, in order to allow some flexibility for the working professionals, access to the Summer Academy will be available from July 25 (at 9:00AM) through August 2 (at 11:59PM), while still maintaining the rigor that a certified training in an academic institution demands. Access to the Summer Academy will promptly close at 11:59PM (EST) on Sunday, August 2.


Rev. Msgr. Franklyn M. Casale

President Emeritus, St. Thomas University
Chairman, International Council on Human Trafficking, The John J. Brunetti Human Trafficking Academy

Prof. Tamara F. Lawson, Esq.

Dean & Professor of Law, St. Thomas University School of Law


A Human Rights Approach to Labor Trafficking

Prof. Dr. Roza Pati
Founder & Director, The John J. Brunetti Human Trafficking Academy
Professor of Law & Executive Director, LL.M./ J.S.D. Program in Intercultural Human Rights
St. Thomas University School of Law


The Victimization Process of Labor Trafficking: From Recruitment, to Transit, to Exploitation

Session 1
From Farms to Factories: An Examination of Forced Labor in the U.S.

Instructor: Prof. Kathleen C. Kim, Professor of Law, Loyola Law School

Session 2
Labor Trafficking and Domestic Servitude: Ending Impunity

Instructor: Martina E. Vandenberg, Esq., Founder & President, The Human Trafficking Legal Center

Session 3
Seafood from Slaves: The Story Behind the Story That Led to the Freedom of More Than 2,000 Enslaved Fishermen

Instructor: Martha Mendoza, Pulitzer Prize-Winning AP National Writer, Associated Press


Criminalizing Labor Trafficking: The Law on the Books and the Law in Action

Session 1
Prohibiting Forced Labor at Home and Overseas: Federal Law

Instructor: Barbara A. Martinez, Esq., Former Chief of Special Prosecutions Section, U.S. Attorney’s Office, SDFL
Global Compliance and Investigation Team, Holland & Knight LLP

Session 2
Effective Prosecution and Remedies in Labor Trafficking Law

Instructor: Susan French, Esq., Human Trafficking Legal Consultant
Former Senior Special Counsel for Human Trafficking, U.S. Department of Justice

Session 3
The State Laws and the Prosecution of Labor Trafficking: The Case of Florida

Instructor: Alicia Priovolos, Esq., Director, Human Trafficking Unit, Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office


People on the Move and Human Trafficking

Session 1
The Transnational Crimes of Smuggling of Migrants and Trafficking in Persons

Instructor: Liza E. Smoker, Esq., Managing Director, The John J. Brunetti Human Trafficking Academy
St. Thomas University School of Law

Session 2
Movement for Work, War, and Weather

Instructor: Dr. Hilary Chester, Associate Director of Anti-Trafficking Programs, Migration and Refugee Services
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Session 3
Addressing the Consequences of Unmanaged Migration and Labor Trafficking

Instructor: Ana I. Vallejo, Esq., Co-Director & Attorney, VIDA Legal Assistance, Inc.
Former Coordinator, Human Trafficking Academy,  St. Thomas University School of Law


World Day Against Human Trafficking: Examining the Impacts of Tradition and Culture in Labor Trafficking

Session 1
Cultural Practices Conductive of Vulnerability: Forced Marriage and the Sponsorship Rule (Kafala)

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Y. Mattar, Clinical Professor of Law & Director, Qatar University College of Law
Former Executive Director, The Protection Project of the Foreign Policy Institute, Johns Hopkins University

Session 2
Children’s Issues: The Global Plight of Child Labor

Instructor: Prof. Nora V. Demleitner, Professor of Law
Washington and Lee University School of Law

Session 3
The Intersections of Sex and Labor Trafficking

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Catharine A. MacKinnon, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School


A Critical Assessment of the Victim-Centered Approach to Labor Trafficking

Session 1
Personal Journeys that Led to the Work and Leadership of the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking

Instructor: The Honorable Evelyn Chumbow
Survivor Activist & Advisor, The Human Trafficking Legal Center and Free The Slaves
Project Assistant, Baker McKenzie LLP

Session 2
The Trauma and Psychological Harms of Labor Trafficking

Instructor: Dr. Elizabeth K. Hopper, Director, Project REACH
The Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute

Session 3
Survivor Enlightened Thinking on Policy, Law, and Practice

Instructor: The Honorable Suleman Masood, Council Member
United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking


David A. Armstrong, J.D.

President, St. Thomas University

*The John J. Brunetti Human Trafficking Academy reserves the right to change/modify this schedule as necessary.*