Will Montgomery III

Senior Director, Data Science and Advanced Analytics

Bentonville, Arkansas

As a leader in data science and advanced analytics in the largest company in the world, Mr. Montgomery has worked on multiple initiatives in workforce management, supply chain operations, merchandising, store operations, and many other areas.  Using some of the most advanced techniques in machine learning, optimization and artificial intelligence, he has been able to solve complex problems to help drive cost savings and increase revenue in international markets and the United States.

Mr. Montgomery has previously led initiatives in Workforce Planning, Sales Forecasting and Wage Planning, Fresh Production Planning, Replenishment, Pricing Optimization, EDLP Strategies, Markdown Optimization, Supplies Consumption Analytics, Sustainability, User Interface Development, E2E Architecture Development and Consulting in the US and multiple international markets such as China, Japan, India, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and Central America.